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Honda XL 250 Flattracker


The base of the project is a good old Honda XL 250 veteran.

The project aim was to create a flattracker based on it.

We tried to fit a few fuel tanks that were lying on the shelf, and suddenly an old VanVan tank cought our eye.

Next we tried to not disturb this nice view :)



Sandblasting and powder coating of the frame and rims

Soda blast and engine painting

Artistic painting of the tank 

engine reseal

Reconstruction of carburettors,

calipers and brake drum Reconstruction

rewiring of electrical installation

Galvanizing of connecting elements

CNC cut yokes

Hand-made exhaust system in 2in1 stainless steel

Hand-made seat frame


Speedo and reflector mounts

aftermarket Speedometer

headlight and rear lamp with whiteboard holder

shifters mirrors


cone filter

Do you like this project? Contact us for details!

Dziękujemy! Wiadomość wysłana.

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